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We don’t play by the rules.
We’re too busy changing the game.
We’re a new kind of physiotherapy.
We’ve got spunk –
A certain ‘eigenwijsheid’.
We fight for the underdog, always.
Our passion lies in helping people
discover the best version of themselves.
We know that we are not the only
Physiotherapists in the Netherlands,
But for those who are brave enough
To create the best version of themselves,
We are the only ones who are brave
Enough to be different.


Who we are

We at Fysio en motion are made up of a skilled team of committed professionals, athletes, and educators dedicated only to you getting the most out of your body and its mobility. All of our therapists are highly trained and educated with bachelor of science degrees from accredited schools in the Netherlands.

Check us out below to find out more about what makes us so awesome.


We believe that we are constituted to our words and our actions – who we are and what we stand for. We are clear that for us, the work we do is about much more than simply pain relief or increased mobility. We believe that everyone should have access to their bodies full potential. We believe in enabling people to accomplish things that they did not think they would ever be able to do.

You can accomplish your goals – every single one of them. You can restore your body to its full potential. You can have access to a newfound quality of life. And it starts here.

Our purpose

to educate and inspire people in discovering their true potential using physiotherapy to access a newfound quality of life.

Our mission

By combining the Latest techniques With our own

eigenwijsheid *

We are setting the new standard for the dutch physio experience.

* to believe in yourself nomatter what

Our Core Values

Self expression

Be true to yourself.

Stand by your word.

We’re in this together.

If it doesn’t exist, build it.

Anything and everything.

Never stop learning.

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