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Privacy Declaration

Your physiotherapist uses an electronic file in which your medical data are recorded. Recording this data is a
legal obligation. The data that is recorded is data that is important for your treatment. This treatment file is only
kept and viewed by your physiotherapist and possibly a physiotherapist who replaces your own therapist in the
event of illness or holiday. All physiotherapists have a duty of confidentiality.

You have the right to view data that has been recorded about you. If you believe that information is incorrect,
you can request your therapist to correct or delete this information.

Client details are not provided to third parties (not even close relatives). If, in the interest of the treatment,
consultation must take place with, for example, a referring doctor or general practitioner, your permission will
first be requested.

After you have been treated, the data will be kept for another 15 years.

Fysio en Motion participates in scientific research to further develop and maintain physiotherapy at a high level.
For this, among other things, statistics must be compiled, for which sometimes data (anonymously) of, for example,
test results must be sent. These test data cannot be traced back to a person. If you object to the use of anonymous
data for scientific research, you can inform your physiotherapist.

Fysio en Motion acts in accordance with the most recent Personal Data Protection Act and AVG.

If you are of the opinion that the practice does not handle your data correctly, you can make this known via the
complaints procedure within the practice.

Complaints Procedure

Fysio & Motion complies with all obligations of the Wkkgz, the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act.
This law guarantees that clients can rely on good care and the correct handling of complaints and disputes.

If you are not satisfied or have a complaint about the treatment or treatment of your physiotherapist or one of the
other employees of Fysio & Motion, you can report this to your physiotherapist or a contact person within the
practice. Your complaint will be recorded in writing and solved with you to your satisfaction.

If a conversation does not produce the desired result, you can use a complaints procedure. Fysio & Motion is
affiliated with the complaints procedure and disputes committee of the KNGF. Folders with information about this
can be found in the waiting room of Fysio & Motion.

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