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Location IJburg

Located on the Pampuslaan in the gym 4th gym, this practice uses Keiser equipment specifically designed to mimic the movements of various sports and activities. They are used effectively by both professional athletes and everyday people.

At the treatment table here are Rami Zeyada and Mick Martens.
Both gentlemen have their background in the world of sports (Kickboxing and athletics).
Central to their work is that everyone should be able to use the full potential of their bodies, to achieve things they never thought they could achieve.

They both have extensive work experience as physiotherapists.
Besides their physiotherapy training, they are further specialised in back and neck pain, dry needling, tendon inflammation, shoulder pain, medical taping and a Master’s degree in Manual Therapy at the SOMT, among others.


Physio & Motion IJburg
Pampuslaan 21, 1087 HP Amsterdam

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